Hear from our Agents – Testimonials

Here at the Parker Group, I have found a great career that fully equipped me to bring our clients the best possible service through Lincoln Heritage. We are a great family with one common goal which is to help each other be the best we can be! As a career agent, I now have time to take care of my family and actively serve in my community.

Bissett Durham

Lincoln Heritage and TPG has giving me the opportunity I was always looking for. I love to help people and that’s exactly what this career is all about. Knowing, that I have renewed enthusiasm each day and the mindset to help others and being able to financially support my own family, is a beautiful thing. Thank you, Lincoln and TPG. I’m so proud to be part of this great business!!

Helen Rossi

The Parker Group has changed my life in so many ways. I now have the opportunity to create a legacy income for my family. The product that we offer through Lincoln Heritage is something everyone needs and will always use. It helps families on the worst possible day of their lives. It’s such a fulfilling feeling. I am forever grateful to The Parker Group for this opportunity and I will be a Lincoln Heritage agent for life.

Damien Sims

I can honestly say that Lincoln Heritage is by far the best opportunity in the insurance industry. At the Parker Group you are surrounded by people who genuinely care and invest in your success. I’m proud to say I’m in the business of helping people and creating a bright future for myself in the process.

Jake Hering

Parker Group and Lincoln Heritage has changed my Life. I have been a life insurance agent since 2007 and found The Parker Group in the beginning of 2016. The consistent training the Company provides, allowed me to leave my job and start working full-time. With great training, personal development and leadership, I’m now writing $4k plus in annual premium per week. My goal is to stay above $15k per month, get into the $20k level, earn my six-figure ring and go into agency management, empowering others grow in this business. Blessings.

Van Woolley

Lincoln Heritage came to me at the right time. I love what the business stands for. This business changed my view on the insurance industry. We really help people and help ourselves in the process. Love this company! Lincoln Heritage and the Parker Group has been a game changer for me.

Leonardo Garcia