Our Team

Jessica Parker

Director of New Jersey
Leader of the Parker Group

Jessica has been a Top Producer in the Insurance Industry since 2005 and came to Lincoln Heritage in 2010. Her track record allowed her to become the youngest female Agency Manager in her first year producing over $1.3 Million, within the #3 Top Producing Agency in the country. Leading by example, she has since empowered numerous Agents to become Six Figure Income Earners. She is now responsible for building the State of New Jersey.

Agenol Soto

Managing General Agent
Head of the Hispanic Division

Agenol thanks God for his guidance and this awesome company called Lincoln Heritage. He has been in the industry for many years, struggling to make ends meet. It got to a point, were I had to ask my wife for a couple of dollars to put gas in my car to continue working. As embarrassing as it sounds, that was my reality, but God answered my prayers with this opportunity. In my first 8 months with this company, I made $88,000 and my second year over $200,000 income. I was able to retire my wife. I do not have any special abilities. What I found was a special company and a special team called the Parker Group. If you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel come and give us a try.  

Will Love
Managing General Agent

Will came to Lincoln Heritage by way of a tragic personal loss, where he experienced the power of Lincoln Heritage’s service from a consumer stand point. He has since devoted all of his attention to represent this company and help as many families as possible to take advantage of the great benefits we provide. With his great Leadership skills and genuine interest of seeing other Agents succeed, he has built a great foundation for a record breaking Agency.

Angela Cimino
Executive Office Manager

Managing the office and recruiting Agents provides me with the inside perspective to watch how quickly The Parker Group has been growing! The diversity and camaraderie among our Agents and staff are both very inspiring. Agents from all walks of life have been flocking to this Agency looking for a strong support system and a path to true success – they are finding it! Jessica shows her staff and her Agents the utmost respect and loyalty. It is a true pleasure to work for her and to watch her Agency grow. 

Lee Foreman
New Agent Program Manager
& Office Assistant 

I love being a part of this outstanding and growing team! The Parker Group, UBI and Lincoln Heritage create a perfect environment for anyone who is coachable, motivated and dedicated to succeed. Jessica Parker and the entire TPG team always make me proud to be a part of something that makes a difference in real people’s lives. I love the outstanding training, consistent and meaningful team communication and the family like atmosphere that promotes team comradery and growth. Here at TPG, I know I am in the right place at the right time.